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  • The 17th of 55 examples of the F1 limited edition
  • Naturally-aspirated 5.4-liter V8 with 360 PS
  • Original paint, carbon ceramic brakes
  • The only Czech delivered example, 20 years with the current second owner
  • Regularly driven and serviced
  • Rims after a recent renovation
  • All documents were checked and the car was photographed personally by Auctomobile
  • Other features: possibility of assisting with registration, transport, insurance, storage and Trusted Checkout payment
  • Please note that this car will be available for viewing by prior appointment in Prague, Czechia

The 2001 Mercedes-Benz CL 55 AMG F1 Limited Edition is a special version of the classic luxury coupe that represents the pinnacle of Mercedes-Benz engineering and design. This iconic car was built to commemorate Mercedes-Benz's involvement in Formula 1 racing, and it remains one of the most sought-after vehicles of its era (55 examples only).

The CL 55 AMG F1 Limited Edition was powered by a 5.4-liter, supercharged V8 engine that produced 360 horsepower and 530 Nm of torque. This engine was mated to a five-speed automatic transmission, which provided smooth and effortless shifts. The CL 55 AMG F1 Limited Edition could accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in just 5.3 seconds and had a top speed of 250 kmh.

The exterior of the 2001 Mercedes-Benz CL 55 AMG F1 Limited Edition was designed with classic Mercedes-Benz styling cues, with a sleek and aerodynamic profile that exudes power and elegance. It featured unique carbon fiber accents, a special silver paint scheme, and an AMG sports exhaust system that provided a distinctive sound.

The interior of the CL 55 AMG F1 Limited Edition was luxurious and stylish, with high-quality materials and impeccable attention to detail. It featured special carbon fiber trim, custom AMG sport seats upholstered in soft leather, and a full range of high-tech features, including a premium sound system, navigation, and climate control.

The 2001 Mercedes-Benz CL 55 AMG F1 Limited Edition was a joy to drive, with precise handling and excellent feedback that allowed drivers to feel connected to the road. The suspension was well-tuned and provided a comfortable ride, even on rough roads. The brakes were also powerful and provided excellent stopping power. 

The CL coupés come equipped with the very latest in Mercedes-Benz technology, and along with the S-Class saloons the CL coupés receive new technological features (it introduced the refined Active Body Control fully active suspension system and Bi-Xenon HID lights). Active Body Control uses four hydraulic suspension rams that use three pressure regulators connected to a combination power steering and suspension pump, along with several intermediate computers and master CPU, keeps this car absolutely flat through the corners.

The CL class has a lengthy list of custom available features. The following features are standard: climate control, ABC (hydraulic) suspension, all-leather interior, designer wood trim, trip computer, CD, navigation system, front heated seats, power moonroof, as well as power door and trunk closing assist. Optional features include a heated steering wheel and voice-activated telephone, as well as, front fan-cooled and heated seats.

The CL55 AMG F1 is extremely rare with a total production of only 55 units. This was a tribute to the modified Safety Car version used in Formula One during the 1999 and 2000 seasons. This was the first road car to feature full Ceramic Brembo Vented and Cross Drilled Disc Brakes.

Today, the 2001 Mercedes-Benz CL 55 AMG F1 Limited Edition is highly sought-after by collectors and enthusiasts. Its classic styling, excellent performance, and limited production make it a true icon of the luxury car world. Prices for a well-maintained example can range from 40.000 EUR to 60.000 EUR depending on its condition and mileage. If you have the opportunity to drive one, you will not be disappointed. The 2001 Mercedes-Benz CL 55 AMG F1 Limited Edition is a true masterpiece of automotive engineering that will always hold a special place in the hearts of luxury car enthusiasts.

This car is the 17th of the 55 examples from this limited edition. It was built in September 2000 and first registered on 21st of March 2001 as the only Czech delivered example from this limited edition and the car spent all his life in the Czech Republic as an actively driven car with more than 169.000 kilometres on the clock. The rims were renovated recently and the car is still using genuine AMG carbon ceramic brakes.

It comes from the second owner who owns the car for the last 20 years and has a complete service history for the car since then.





First registration date21.03.2001
Body TypeCoupe
Engine5.439 ccm, 360 PS, V8
SteeringLeft Hand Drive
LayoutRear Wheel Drive
Color - exteriorBrilliant Silver Metallic
Color - interiorBlack / Cream leather
Miles/Kilometers shown169.760 km
Chassis / VINWDB2153751A010424
Location - CountryCzechia
Location - CityPrague


2-door coupe body type; RWD (rear- wheel drive), automatic 5-speed gearbox (with manual shift mode); gasoline (petrol) engine with displacement: 5439 cm3, advertised power: 265 kW / 355 hp / 360 PS (ECE), torque: 530 Nm; characteristic dimensions: outside length: 4993 mm, width: 1857 mm, wheelbase: 2885 mm; reference weights: base curb weight: 1790 kg; top speed: 250 km/h (155 mph) electronically governed (declared by factory); accelerations: 0-60 mph 5.7 s, 0-100 km/h 6 s (declared by factory)

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