Battle of the Auction Platforms

2013 BAC MONOImage credit: Collecting Cars

The Battle of Britain revised! We have already written about this Battle at the end of May. But this Battle had to continue. The aftersale deal at Silverstone Auctions was not completed, the car remained unsold and just a few weeks later this exact car (=the same VIN) came to the second auction platform from that Battle, the online UK platform Collecting Cars.


So the Battle continues exactly, where it ends, it looks as the seller read our Battle and decided to give it the second try, this time at the Battle winning online platform and to safe all the costs!

We have to repeat, why we like the BAC Mono so much. It is an ultimate track day car that you can go take anywhere for a road trip or even to go shopping with.

2013 bac monoImage credit: Collecting Cars

We were following this second auction to see the difference between the traditional and online auction platform on the same VIN just with a few weeks difference.

And the final result shows a really big difference given mainly to the gap in fees. The seller’s fee at Silverstone is 4 %, for free at Collecting Cars. The buyer’s premium is 10 % (+VAT) at Silverstone and 6 % at Collecting Cars. And that is a big difference that effects the results!


This time on the 31st of July, the BAC Mono sold for 65.720 GBP including premium, bringing the seller 62.000 GBP, ca. 10.000 to 12.000 GBP more than if he sold the car just two months ago at the traditional auction house. Congratulations to the seller for this smart decision and a successful sale!

Author: Auctomobile Team