KLASSIKLOFT KÖLNImage credit: Klassikloft Köln

We are delighted we can announce our first official partnership with the Klassikloft Köln in Cologne, Germany.

Klassikloft is not just a simple parking garage, it is only accessible to you as a paid-up club member. The vehicles are stored safely, securely and professionally. Working in cooperation with professional partners, Klassikloft will take care of all concerns regarding the maintenance of classic or sports car.

Klassikloft is the hotspot for vintage car tours, the clubroom provides a central meeting place to chat with likeminded car enthusiasts. The completely renovated and modernized ex-factory hall provides an exclusive loft atmosphere.

Klassikloft KölnImage credit: Klassikloft Köln
KLASSIKLOFT KÖLNImage credit: Klassikloft Köln

The owner Niels is our longtime friend and a great car enthusiasts and expert. He also helps us with buying and selling the cars in our collections. And that brought us to the idea to connect our activities. Already the next auction event #3 will host the first car brought up by Klassikloft Köln.

Some of our cars will be sold directly from Klassikloft Köln in the future or we will be able to assist sellers from the region with selling their cars on our auction platform.

We are really looking forward to this long-term cooperation and that we will bring you some more news about other cars for sale and classic and special car events from this amazing place.


Author: Auctomobile Team