The 2021 special cars market review

1953 Alfa Romeo 1900 C Sprint Supergioiello + HENRYImage credit: Forbes CZ

With the first months lockdowns with closed borders the special car market almost stopped. But it also helped to purchase cars online only with using the escrow accounts and this works really well. Already about one third of this year's deals happen absolutelly online only from the bidding until getting the car in front of the doors with the use of the escrow account for the secured trusted checkout payment.


We had a great spring with the big spring auction in May covering 77 cars, one half of all our lots this year. The highlights were quite surprisingly the pre-war cars. The highest sale was the amazing 1932 Invicta 4,5-liter selling for almost 330.000 EUR with the premium or the great battle for the 1939 MG TB Lester Special ending over 80.000 EUR including premium.

1932 INVICTA 4,5-liter LOW CHASSIS TOURERImage credit: Steeringmedia
1953 ALFA ROMEO 1900 C SPRINT SUPERGIOIELLOImage credit: Steeringmedia

What was not so grear, that most of the special car events around the world did not happen in 2021. We participated only with our amazing 1953 Alfa Romeo 1900 C Sprint Supergioiello at the Villa d'Este concours of elegance, which was really amazing and this car will be one of the highlights of our Spring auction event in 2022 (link to the auction).


It is good to see the special car market is becoming more and more effective thanks to the fast digitalization of this market. The US and UK market moved almost to online only deals and the continental Europe is slowly, but surely accepting this trend also.


And how was the year 2021 for Auctomobile?

We have auctioned 145 cars this year and 55 were successfully sold. Not a great selling rate of 37,9 percent, but given the market was almost stopped in the first four months, it is not that bad result. We are still a quite new platform in the market and we are still getting known and trusted.


What shows the right way is the overall volume we reached with the 55 sold cars. 3.658.082 EUR means we have almost reached the plan we had for this year of 3.900.000 EUR in sales. And the average price of a sold car shows the fact, we are heading towards more and more special cars, the average of 66.511 EUR is about 25.000 EUR higher than it was in our first year.

1939/55 MG TB LESTER SPECIALImage credit: Steeringmedia

1969 BIZZARRINI EUROPAImage credit: Steeringmedia

And we continue to sell our cars around the whole world, we have sold cars all over the Europe, to Dubai, USA, Japan, Australia and even to Guatemala.


The market already shows it goes digital without unnecessary fees. We are really looking forward for the year 2022 and we hope we enjoy much more events where we can meet and present our great cars!


Image credit: Steeringmedia, Classic Driver, Forbes CZ