1989 PORSCHE 911 SPEEDSTER (PTS)Image credit: Bring a Trailer

Once again the top sale of the week goes to Porsche and once again one of the runner-ups goes to Alfa Romeo. We hope it is really just a coincidence, but we have to admit that we love these two brands. But because we love also the third brand Mini and many more car brands, it is possibly really just a coincidence 😊

1. TOP SALE OF THE WEEK – Porsche 911 Speedster (1989)

The Porsche that won the last week top deals is the G-model Speedster. This example was presented in a stunning paint-to-sample (PTS) color of Light Blue Metallic, matching engine and gearbox, many other options and only 61k miles on the clock. A PTS Speedster sold at Bring a Trailer for 137.000 USD including fees on the 15th of June is an amazing price to value! (auction link)

1989 PORSCHE 911 SPEEDSTER (PTS)Image credit: Bring a Trailer
1991 ALFA ROMEO SZImage credit: Bring a Trailer

2. TOP SALE OF THE WEEK – Alfa Romeo SZ (1991)

A little more coincidence is connected with our second choice today. The unique Alfa Romeo SZ from 1991 has the same 3.0 Busso V6 engine as the 164 QV in our auction that goes LIVE today! And the 43.000 kms on the clock are also almost the same! But we did not pick this car only because of the engine, the SZ has a unique bodywork by Zagato and only a little over 1.000 examples were built. It is a truly rare modern classic that will not only hold its value, but very likely increase it in time. It can still be counted as a affordable collectible car with the final selling price of 45.412,5 USD including fees on the 18th of June at BaT. (auction link)


3. TOP SALE OF THE WEEK – Mini Cooper (1963)

Third pick goes to the first generation of Mini Cooper. The Mini cult car was presented to the world in the year 1959, but the sport version Cooper two years later in 1961. So this example was a very early Mini Cooper and although it was modified for motor racing, you can not find such an early Mini Cooper for the price 11.070 GBP including premium, that were paid at the Anglia Car Auction event on the 20th of June. There was only one cheaper example in the last time at a Classic Car Auction, but without the original engine and with ca. 300k miles on the clock. (auction link)

1963 MINI COOPERImage credit: Anglia Car Auctions

Author: Auctomobile Team